everyone’s favorite third wheel—

Hey hey! My name is Ann, I’m 20 years old, I’m a follower of Christ, I’m a student at UT Austin, and wedding days are my absolute favorite. I type in all caps way too often, I’m a huge fan of the oxford comma, I went viral on Twitter one time, and I wake up 3 hours before I have to be anywhere because I like to drink my coffee slowly. Feel like you know me yet?

As a wedding photographer, I understand you’re trusting me with the most important day of your life yet.

Here are my promises to you:

-your day will be captured in an intimate, authentic, and joyful way.

-if you EVER have something in your teeth, I will tell you.

-I will never let you feel awkward in front of my lens.

-you have hired a personal assistant for the day- anything you need, I am an all-in-one, and my giant wedding day bag has every bobby pin, bandaid, bug spray, or makeup wipe you could need.

-if reception time comes and no one starts dancing, I’ll get out there with you and do the jerk.

& chances are- I’ll probably be BFFs with your mom by the end of the night.


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