Aziz + Jordan

I truly don't have the words to adequately describe what a gift Ann has been to us.  When I began my search for a wedding photographer I didn't have much of an idea of what I was looking for or what to expect.  I'd been in a few weddings before and had generally found the bridal party picture taking to be a rather awkward process.  Not with Ann. She brings energy, joy and rad tunes. In fact, I think the pre-ceremony picture taking was one of my favorite parts of the whole day! She truly has a way of making everyone feel totally at ease and as a result we have some of the most natural, fun and treasured bridal party pics ever!  

She was so much more than we could've ever asked for and certainly more than we expected.  I've heard that how you get along with your photographer, how you jive, is as important if not more than how well you like their work.  Not only is Ann's portfolio stunning but her personality and reliability can't be beat.  Ann was both our photographer and my best friend the day of our wedding.  She calmed my worries, got everybody where they needed to be, and made sure all went smoothly. 

Ann captured our wedding day so beautifully; The coming together of countries and cultures, the love and steadfastness of the friends that gathered around us, the most intimate and treasured moments, the creation of a covenant, the joy of a bride and groom.  We get to look back on those memories forever, what a treasure!! 
Ann is the real deal.  We count our blessings that we found her and can't recommend her highly enough! 



Justine + Connor

Ann's friendly and kind personality was one of the first things I loved about her. Before the wedding, she was very responsive and clear on all communications, and made things easy to put together for her! I was already so excited I was going to have her there on our big day, but it wasn't until the big day that I realized how absolutely lucky we were to have found her. Ann was literally my best friend for the day. I've never met such a fun, sweet, energetic photographer before - and there was nothing better than to have her for the whole day. Between her words of encouragement when I was freaking out, to all of the totally-sweet words she shared with us throughout the day; she was hands-down the best fit for our wedding.

We received all of the edited pictures back from Ann very quickly, and she was able to capture a remarkable amount of photos of our big day. I spent hours crying looking at how absolutely beautiful they were, with my Husband, once we got them from Ann. Ann's talent, creativity, and skills were so very apparent in all of the pictures. The emotions that she captured were just unbelievable, as the pictures brought me right back to the emotions of the whole day. She made sure to get so many important pictures that I didn't even think about, and pictures that are going to be passed down for generations. We would not have changed a single thing about our wedding when it comes to Ann's photography. Her assistant and her were beyond kind, professional, timely, and it truly was so hard to say goodbye at the end of the night because of Ann's loving personality. We are so excited to follow her work on IG/etc for years to come and watch where her amazing talent takes her! Thank you Ann!!!!!!!! :)


Christiana + Brady

I reached out to several photographers for my recent wedding and Ann really stood out to me from the start. She was easy to communicate with, incredibly responsive, and thoughtful. Choosing a photographer isn't only about quality photos but about feeling like you can be comfortable sharing intimate space and time on this incredibly special day with someone. You'd want it to be someone with whom you feel a connection!

After chatting via phone and meeting up in person, I was sure that Ann was my girl, despite the fact that she didn't have as large of a portfolio as some of the other photographers. She made the whole process from paperwork to day of painless and pleasant, and on the day of she was not only on time but even a little early. She had a list of every shot I'd told her we wanted, and we got all of those and more. She even showed up with a small gift for me, which was above and beyond in my opinion. Our turnaround for photos has been super quick - we had some sneak peeks ready that night and the next morning, and less than a month later we have hundreds of beautiful photos!

I am truly impressed with how the photos turned out, particularly the indoor ones because our ceremony and reception venues were actually super difficult lighting. We got married in a small old country church (an historic landmark) and had our reception in basically a poorly lit gymnasium next door with the most awful (ha!) carpeted walls. Somehow Ann still delivered us some gorgeous photos. Ann was also somehow so unobtrusive -- hardly anyone even noticed her taking candids, she never got in anyone's way, and she was just so sweet to everyone she did interact with. She was a big hit with our ring bearer and flower girl. My husband and I never once felt like she was up in our faces, yet she was able to capture every moment. I feel like I can just walk through the day moment by moment as I scroll through our photos, and I'm so grateful. Her style - she really helped us relax, which is a huge deal because my husband is SO camera shy!! He HATES taking photos, and we're both horrible at posing or thinking of poses, so it was a lifesaver that Ann was so great at coaching us and at giving us prompts that helped us achieve natural smiles, genuine laughter, and OUR vibe together. We both usually find ourselves super drained after anything like that, but Ann made everything so fun and easy. I appreciate that so much.

She really added magic to the day, and now that magic is preserved in these photos. I absolutely recommend Ann with zero hesitation. She is an angel and such an incredible value. Both our families agree that we got a great deal with her, and everyone has been impressed, even the artsy family members. To be able to treasure the memories of our wedding day is invaluable, and she definitely delivered in every way.