Jorge + Maria

I had the absolute joy of meeting up with these newly weds for a mini couples photo shoot in Austin, Texas! We planned to check out Mansfield Dam, but once we got there saw they JUST let a ton of water out, so we weren’t able to walk around the white rocky area.

If you know me, you know I have crazy timing anxiety and have show up an hour early to EVERYTHING I do, and it’s days like this that it comes in handy!! I had time to adventure around the Lake Austin area and find the perfect spot. My favorite shoots happen in places that are so weird no one would think of them. This spot was a highway overlook, completely empty AND had a great view of the dam.

Jorge and Maria had awesome attitudes, and agreed to trust me completely! They let their sweet pup run free, and sat on rusty guard rails at my request. Personally, I think it paid off.

Ann Mark