Alena and Sam's Mount Bonnell Proposal

Y’all… to me, the BEST part about photography is that I get to witness moments people would normally keep private. I’m such a nosy person, so to be the one you include on your wedding day, elopement, baby reveal, proposal, etc. is the greatest honor!!

This one was special. Alena Davis is an adorable Austin blogger (check her out on insta -> @alenadavis). I shot with her and her boyfriend Sam for a mini session when they moved to Austin about a year ago. At the end of their session, I joked to Sam, “you better call me for the proposal”.

Here we are, a year later, and Sam dm’s me to say he needs to surprise Alena with a ring, and he needs help getting photos of it. We cooked up a neat little plan to make sure she didn’t suspect a thing. I posted on my story for a ‘model call’ in Austin, saying I needed a couple for a free shoot. So many sweet people replied, and I am SO grateful that when I explained it wasn’t a real model call, and that it was for a surprise proposal people weren’t pissed, they were absolutely infatuated with the idea. In fact, I got so many dms in the 4 weeks between the fake model call and the proposal from people wondering if it had happened yet!

I figured Alena knew to expect a proposal with a photographer soon, so it was so important that we planted the idea in her head, inception style. Sure enough, she reached out for the model call, and we were set.

The day of was FREEZING, and even though Alena considered rescheduling, Sam managed to nonchalantly say he just wanted to do the photo shoot to get it out of the way.

I had them stand on top of Mount Bonnell with Alena in front, and told them to look out on the water without touching other for a ‘dramatic shot’… LOL. When Alena turned around, he was on one knee. She. Was. Shook.

Congrats you two. To all the soon-to-be fiances out there— I promise there is a photographer somewhere who would kill to shoot your proposal… plus, you get major points for having photo evidence.

Ann Mark