The Littlefields

Shot and Edited by Ann Mark for Macy Frances -> check out her work at

Couples who have fire for The Lord like these two do, family bounded in unconditional love, and communities that gather in complete JOY to celebrate the love they are stepping into… this is what I love so much about my job.

There is something so special about a wedding day. There is some wholeness in the very air you breathe, there is some nostalgia you experience before even leaving.

I am completely shocked that this honor is my career- that I get to walk with you on your wedding day.

Not to mention, this wedding was a pure celebration from start to end. If you need a referral for a band that will play Party in the USA and I’m Gonna Be while keeping your guests on their feet for 4 hours (and leaving them begging for an encore), I have got the group for you.

A huge cyber hug to Macy Frances, one of the most talented photographers I know, for inviting me to shoot with her this day.

Ann Mark